Sentence Examples with the word piece

By the time we'd finished our meal, with a piece of cake, there wasn't much time before the service was to begin and the pastor excused himself to prepare.

A large piece of land, barely above high-water mark, is levelled, and if necessary puddled with clay.

I.m content to feed Sasha to the Dark One piece by piece if that means we keep the peace.

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A cross piece at the end of the Molo San Vincenzo has made the head of that structure into the form of the Greek letter gamma, thus affording considerable protection to the anchorage.

She tried on every piece of clothing today and took five baths to test the different soaps.

On the 10th of July 1791 the body was transferred to the Pantheon, but during the Hundred Days it was once more, it is said, disentombed, and stowed away in a piece of waste ground.

And all from looking at a piece of gold, which did I have it now on Negro Hill or in Corlaer's Hook, I'd not look at it very long ere spending it.

As soon as we recognize the part of sensation, we have no reason to deny the common-sense position that each piece of experience has its own quality, which is modified indefinitely by the relations in which it stands.

Satisfied he.d outsmarted everyone, he waited for Jade to hack apart the demon warrior guarding the portal and then disappear into the shadow world on his way to where Sasha was, the one piece of information Darkyn didn.t have.

I want to crush every last piece of it.