Sentence Examples with the word pie

She scooted her chair back without responding and went to the laundry room where the pie was cooling.

Dean wandered to the kitchen for pie and coffee for the guests while the others chattered in the parlor.

Superstition as to the appearance of the pie still survives even among many educated persons, and there are several versions of a rhyming adage as to the various turns of luck which its presenting itself, either alone or in company with others, is supposed to betoken, though all agree that the sight of a single pie presages sorrow.

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She cut a piece of the pie and served it to him on a clean saucer.

He finished his pie and leaned back in his chair, his gaze meeting hers.

Fred was absent when they arrived home, but returned just as Cynthia was cutting a warmed apple pie for a late afternoon snack.

When the crowd began to break up in earnest, she took her husband's arm and led him to their kitchen where a chicken pot pie was still bubbling on the table.

He looked longingly at an apple pie fresh from the oven.

Finally, he donned his jacket and escaped up the street to a luncheonette where he ordered pie and ice cream.

Yully's shepherd pie and Bianca's paella did nothing to fill the gnawing hole within him.