Sentence Examples with the word pictures

By ignoring the free poetical form of prophecy, and still more by ignoring the fact that the prophetic pictures of the ideal future of Israel could not be literally fulfilled after the fall of the ancient state had entirely changed the sphere in which the problems of true religion had to be worked out, it was possible to find a great mass of unfulfilled prophecy which might form the basis of eschatological constructions.

Opposite is the baptistery, with three fine pictures by Fra Angelico.

The pictures in this church are the work of Marco Palmezzano (1456-1537) and others; S.

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Again, the contrast between Lazarus and Dives in the future state pictures vividly the reversals that are in store; but it is unreasonable to take it as implying that every poor man, whatever his moral character, will be blessed.

C. 2000 B.C., the combinations of prominent groups of stars with outlines of pictures fantastically put together, but there is no evidence that prior to 700 B.C. more than a number of the constellations of our zodiac had become part of the current astronomy.

There are also the Bose Museum, containing collections of pictures and antiquities of Hessian origin, museums of natural history and ethnography, an industrial exhibition hall, and an industrial art school.

Consequently, in 15 9 0 he was deposed for refusing to remove the pictures from his church and discontinue the use of exorcism in baptism.

Nineteenth-century pictures have been eliminated as foreign to the character of the collection, and inferior works relegated to a side passage.

In short, Japanese pictures are like Japanese poetry: they do not supply thought but only awaken it.

Here are collections of pictures and drawings, including the Raphael cartoons, objects of art of every description, mechanical and scientific collections, and Japanese, Chinese and Persian collections, and an Indian section.