Sentence Examples with the word picture

You're intelligent and always have the entire picture in perspective.

The church of St Peter the Martyr (1509) contains a fine picture by Gentile Bellini and other works, and S.

If instead of imagining to ourselves commanders of genius leading the Russian army, we picture that army without any leaders, it could not have done anything but make a return movement toward Moscow, describing an arc in the direction where most provisions were to be found and where the country was richest.

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V.-vii., 1878-1882), a fascinating and microscopic picture of colonial life; T.

Lest our picture of primitive religion appear too brightly coloured, a word must be said on the perversions to which the exploitation of the sacred is liable.

The picture itself rendered her speechless.

The Japanese had not waited to gain command of the sea before beginning the sea transport of that part of their troops allotted to Korea: The roads of that country were so poor that the landing had 3 A vivid picture of the state of affairs in the navy at this period is given in Semenov's Rasplata (Eng.

Moreover, the elaborate account of the vast invasion and conquest, the expulsion, extermination and subjugation of earlier inhabitants, and the occupation of cities and fields, combine to form a picture which cannot be placed in Palestine during the 15th-12th centuries.

The physical features of the Scyths are not described by Herodotus, but Hippocrates (Lc.) draws a picture of them which makes them very similar to the Mongols as they appeared to the Franciscan missionaries in the 13th century.

Above the inscription the picture of the king himself is graven, with a bow in his hand, putting his left foot on the body of Gaumata.