Sentence Examples with the word pick up

Frederick William, however, whose instincts were far from democratic, refused to pick up a crown out of the gutter; and the deputation which waited upon him was dismissed with the answer that he could not assume the imperial title without the full sanction of the princes and the free cities.

Now and then he stooped to pick up a patch, or save an end of tarred twine, which otherwise might have been wasted.

As it was, the kids might pick up on her fear and emulate.

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They stuck around, pretending to pick up glasses and snack plates while the Dawkins four quarreled, oblivious to their presence.

Sarah started to pick up clothes and put them back in the cavernous, walk-in closet.

He was getting paid a percentage just to pick up the artwork and deliver it to my broker.

It was there that he had to pick up such rudiments of knowledge as formed his first equipment in life, but from his earliest years he was indefatigable in the work of self-cultivation.

Further pursuit was useless; but the boats still lingered in their wake to pick up what drugged whales might be dropped astern, and likewise to secure one which Flask had killed and waifed.

If they were going north, I could pick up some duds for next summer....

Brady could've lost it in the river, but she should still pick up some electromagnetic fluctuation, if he was anywhere except the bottom of the river.