Sentence Examples with the word pick out

We are trying to pick out those articles ath are really great and exemplary in the 1911.

Not, however, all diseases of the nervous system conduct themselves on these definite paths, for some of them pay no attention to the geography of structure, but, as one may say, blunder indiscriminately among the several parts; others, again, pick out particular parts definitely enough, but not parts immediately continuous, or even contiguous.

In the slight glow of a now-rising moon painted the room in enough light to pick out figures racing to the front door.

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Just as each kind of fermentation possesses a definite organized ferment, so many diseases are dependent on the presence of a distinct microbe; and just as the gardener can pick out and grow a given plant or vegetable, so the bacteriologist can (in most cases) eliminate the adventitious and grow the special organism - in other words, can obtain a pure cultivation which has the power of bringing about the special disease.

Various species among those that are predaceous attack smaller insects, hunt in packs crustaceans larger than themselves, insert their narrow heads into snail-shells to pick out and devour the occupants, or pursue slugs and earthworms underground.

Miss Keller pronounces each word as a foreigner does when he is still labouring with the elements of a sentence, or as children sometimes read in school when they have to pick out each word.

Dean still managed to pick out eleven riders he considered could possibly be Jeffrey Byrne.