Sentence Examples with the word pi

Ruiz Zorilla found ff0 response from the Republican masses, who looked to Pi y Margall for their watchword, nor from the Republican middle classes, who shared, the views of Salmeron, Azcarate and Pedregal as to the inexpediency of revolutionary methods.

It is in a like laudatory meaning that Gregory reckons the New Testament apocalypse as iv anron: pi flocs (Oratio in swam ordinationem, iii.

Ten years later, in 1959, Francois Genuys used an IBM 704 and calculated pi to more than fifteen thousand digits in just four hours.

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The volumes of the Scri pi ores contain not only the domestic chroniclers, but also selections from the work of foreign writers who give information about the history of Germanyfor example, the Englishman Matthew Paris.

Archipelagdfk Straits of Magella' l'C. Desolat Pi ion I.

Such a statesman was sure to clash with the doctrinaires, like Salmeron, who wanted to imitate French methods; with Pi y Margall, who wanted a federal republic after purely Spanish ideas of decentralization; and above all with the intransigent and gloomy fanatics who became the leaders of the cantonal insurrections at Cadiz, Seville, Valencia, Malaga and Cartagena in 1873.

Veckenstedt (Ganymedes, Libau, 1881) endeavours to prove that Ganymede is the genius of intoxicating drink (thOv, mead, for which he postulates a form pi bos), whose original home was Phrygia.

Voweis.Lat., 0 with the accent have not been diphthongized into ie, uo, ue: pi (pede m), dez (decem), born (bomfu s), pode (p 0 t e t).