Sentence Examples with the word physique

He was a prolific writer, his books including Traite d'electricite et du magndtisme (1834-1840), Traite de physique dans ses rapports avec la chimie (1842), Elements de l'electro-chimie (1843), Traite complet du magnetisme (1845), Elements de physique terrestre et de meteorologic (1847), and Des climats et de l'influence qu'exercent les sols boises et Moises (1853).

De l'amour de Dieu (1697); Entretiens d'un philosophe chretien et d'un philosophe chinois sur l'existence et la nature de Dieu (1708); Reflexions sur la promotion physique (1715).

C. Maclaurin, Legendre and d'Alembert had furnished partial solutions of the problem, confining their 1 Annales de chimie et de physique (1816), torn.

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Blot, Traite de physique experiment ale.

For twenty-one years (1852-1872) Wurtz published in the Annales de chimie et de physique abstracts of chemical work done out of France.

Or, je crois qu'il est aussi impossible a l'homme de connoitre la cause physique du premier individu de chaque espece, que d'assigner aussi physiquement la cause de l'existence de la matiere ou de l'univers entier.

Yet while the Tasmanians are so distinctly separated in physique and customs from the Australians, the fauna and flora of Tasmania and Australia prove that at one time the two formed one continent, and it would take an enormous time for the formation of Bass Strait.

Still the agreement between communications so received has not been sufficiently 4 See Thury, Les Tables tournantes considerees au point du vue de la question de physique generate qui s'y rattache (Geneva, 1855).

Mortality is decreasing, but if we may judge from the physical conditions of the recruits the physique of the nation shows little or no improvement.

Of fine physique and hardy constitution, they are of strongly independent character; patriarchal in their family life; shrewd, slim and courageous; in religion Protestants of a somewhat austere type.