Sentence Examples with the word physiologist

Von Haller, the first physiologist of the age, to adopt, advocate and extend them.

This physiologist in 1867 2 showed that all natural wings, whether of the insect, bird or bat, are screws structurally, and that they act as screws when the y are made to vibrate, from the fact that they twist in opposite directions during the down and up strokes.

JOHANNES PETER MULLER (1801-1858), German physiologist and comparative anatomist, was born at Coblenz on the 14th of July 1801.

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The more judicious of the mechanical or physical school refrained, as a judicious modern physiologist does, from too immediate an application of their principles to daily practice.

Even that distinguished physiologist Johannes Muller remained a staunch vitalist.

In conjunction with his elder brother he published in 1825 a well - known treatise on waves, Die W ellenlehre auf Experimente gegrundet; and in 1833 he collaborated with his younger brother, the physiologist Eduard Friedrich Weber (1806-1871), in an investigation into the mechanism of walking.

JOHANN FRIEDRICH BLUMENBACH (1752-1840), German physiologist and anthropologist, was born at Gotha on the 11th of May 1752.

Charles XII., under whose special patronage Rydelius wrote, was himself a metaphysician and physiologist of merit.