Sentence Examples with the word physical change

Alterations in metabolism are found to be associated with some of these, but with others no corresponding physical change can be demonstrated.

Spectroscopic observation shows that the increased light accompanies an actual physical change or conflagration in the star.

Faraday's notion as to the nature of electrification, therefore, about the middle of the 19th century came to be something as follows: - He considered that the so-called charge of electricity on a conductor was in reality nothing on the conductor or in the conductor itself, but consisted in a state of strain or polarization, or a physical change of some kind in the particles of the dielectric surrounding the conductor, and that it was this physical state in the dielectric which constituted electrification.

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In the second group, the anti-substance, in addition to combining with the antigen, produces some recognizable physical change in it; the precipitins and agglutinins may be mentioned as examples.