Sentence Examples with the word phrygia

Michael Balbus was reared in Phrygia among Montanists.

Between 680 and 670 the Cimmerians in their destructive progress over Asia Minor overran Phrygia; the king Midas in despair put an end to his own life; and from henceforth the history of Phrygia is a story of slavery, degradation and decay, which contrasts strangely with the earlier legends.

It adjoined Phrygia Epictetus and Galatia.

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Through Phrygia and Lydia influences of this same Cappadocian civilization passed towards the west; and indeed, before the Greek colonization of Asia Minor, a loosely knit Hatti empire may have stretched even to the Aegean.

The Maeander above its junction with the Lycus formed for a little way the boundary between Phrygia and Lydia.

At this time the Hatti empire or confederacy probably included, on the west, both Phrygia and Lydia.

He had long hated the Romans, who had taken Phrygia during his minority, and he aimed at driving them from Asia Minor.

Pharnabazus, weary of bearing the whole cost of the war for the Peloponnesians, agreed to a period of truce so that envoys might visit Susa, but at this stage the whole position was changed by the appointment of Cyrus the Younger as satrap of Lydia, Greater Phrygia and Cappadocia.

For several years the kings of Pontus and Bithynia bid against each other, till in 116 Phrygia was declared independent, although in reality it was treated as part of the province of Asia.

Galatia Proper, part of Phrygia towards Pisidia (Apollonia, Antioch and Iconium), Pisidia, part of Lycaonia (including Lystra and Derbe) and Isauria.