Sentence Examples with the word photosynthesis

The first visible carbohydrate formed, one which appears so rapidly on the commencement of photosynthesis as to have been regarded as the first evidence of the setting up of the process, is starch.

The carbonic acid is taken from solution and then bicarbonate (usually that of magnesium) dissociates into carbonic acid and normal carbonate, and the process of photosynthesis ceases when there is no more bicarbonate in solution.

Pure water, then, has a hydrogen-ion concentration of io 7 but sea-water gives (because of the mixture of the salts in solution) the concentration 108 ' 2 and when photosynthesis by the larger alga, or diatoms, is very active this figure falls to about 109 ' 1.

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Therefore an increase in photosynthesis caused by the multiplication of plant microorganisms will lead to the precipitation of calcium carbonate, for carbonic acid will be withdrawn from solution to take part in carbohydrate synthesis by the plants.