Sentence Examples with the word photograph

P. 105) the stratified character of the ash may be rendered apparent in an X-ray photograph of a piece of coal about an inch thick, when it appears in thin parallel bands, the combustible portion remaining transparent.

Even though it would be a short trip, it was an opportunity to photograph the floral spectacle, with the added opportunity to meet another participant in the Dawkins family chronicle.

It is to him, like the photograph hung on a wall of one we love, cherished as a picture and no more.

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Besides, my wife is itching to photograph the wildflowers.

From a photograph by Father Joseph Braun, S.

In 1833 he made a series of careful determinations of the vapour densities of a large Drawn from a photograph taken by Father J.

Teacher wishes me to say that she liked the photograph very much and she will see about having some when we return.

By all means let universal characterization be attempted - we are about to attempt one here, though well aware of the difficulty in the present state of our knowledge - but they must at least model themselves on the composite photograph rather than the impressionist sketch.

We have in bas-reliefs of the 3rd century representations of what these ornaments were like - small 2 An illustration from a photograph is given in Rhys Davids' Buddhist India, p. 131.

By suitably replacing the ocular of the observing telescope in an angular vision spectroscope by a photographic camera, it is possible to photograph spectra; such instruments are termed spectrographs.