Sentence Examples with the word phosphorescent

It seemed to Herschel that he was thus able to view the actual changes by which masses of phosphorescent or glowing vapour became actually condensed down into stars.

In certain Copepoda and Ostracoda glands of the same type produce a phosphorescent substance, and others, in certain Amphipoda and Branchiura, are believed to have a poisonous function.

When kathode rays strike certain substances, they emit a phosphorescent light, the spectroscopic investigation of which shows interesting effects which are important especially as indicating the influence of slight admixtures of impurities on the luminescence.

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In 1762 and 1764 he published experiments in refutation of the decision of the Florentine Academy, at that time generally accepted, that water is incompressible; and in 1768 he described the preparation, by calcining oyster-shell with sulphur, of the phosphorescent material known as Canton's phosphorus.

Found to be brilliantly phosphorescent when brought to the surface.

The infra-red requires special appliances; it has been examined visually by the help of phosphorescent plates (Becquerel), and with special photographic plates (Abney); but the most efficient way is to use the bolometer or radiomicrometer; by this means some 500 or 600 lines have been mapped.

Some diamonds are more phosphorescent than others, and different faces of a crystal may display different tints.

This actually is one of the effects of the phosphorescent property.