Sentence Examples with the word phone number

The announcement went on to describe what the young boy was wearing and listed a tip line phone number to call with information.

He asked for a contact phone number and gave me an emergency number to call.

He pointed on the page to reveal a link to a website with a single name and phone number written on it.

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While she denied any knowledge of her phone number being in Shipton's room, Dean questioned if she was telling the truth.

If you absolutely insist on doing this, at least leave me instructions on how to get there... and a phone number where you can be reached.

She was scared to turn around, almost as if afraid he'd be passing out his phone number to every lithe, beautiful Amazonian they passed.

The family lived in Chicago and hadn't provided a phone number when they registered at Bird Song.

Brennan gave me the phone number even though I didn't agree to call.

He handed the old man ten dollars and was handed a slip of paper with the phone number from the rental sign Mrs. Glass was apparently an early riser and answered the phone on the second ring.

Fortunately Morino saw the ad for Apple Hors Devours in the local paper and recognized Alfonso's cell phone number before they made their first sale.