Sentence Examples with the word phone call

Every phone call you make.

We plodded our way through dinner but the disappointment of the bad news phone call weighted on everyone's mind.

I never even knew the old man owned land out here until I got this phone call and a bunch of e-mails talking about making an offer.

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I'd planned to ask Quinn and Martha to come in so I could tell them what I'd learned but the more I considered it, I decided a phone call was sufficient.

He tried to explain his project to me on the phone call of his wife's invitation, but I was lost in the first sentence.

Two days after landing in the United States, Dean received a phone call from Fred O'Connor, the stepfather he'd yet to meet, informing him his mother was gravely ill.

Cynthia had received a phone call from the Boston sisters telling her their flight was delayed and they weren't now expected until late afternoon.

He made a mental note to send a piece of jewelry to her hotel room to assuage guilt over the promised phone call that would never happen.

Much as he disliked making Fred wait, he decided to put off the task until nine o'clock but another phone call forced a change of plans.

While the Deans discussed contacting the state once more, both agreed another phone call would be as fruitless as earlier ones.