Sentence Examples with the word phone

Furious, her glare went from the phone in his hand to his gaze.

There was another phone call from the state authorities as Jennifer was leaving.

My wife and I stopped at a closed filling station in Connecticut and with Martha's notes in hand I attempted to phone the authorities.

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Fred O'Connor stood in the center of the room, the phone in his hand, with Dolly Parton crooning from the stereo.

There was an old-school cell phone in the glove box.

Molly and Betsy elected to go home leaving me to mind the store and deal with Daniel Brennan's phone call without interruption.

Like Sam, he had no part in it, yet she had drug him into it with a phone call.

The line was silent for so long that she checked her phone to see if the call had been dropped.

No sooner had it expired when the phone took up the chorus.

Maybe he had more information he didn't want to give over the phone with Yancey listening.