Sentence Examples with the word philologist

As authors of special works on philosophy, we find Samuel Koteles, John Imre, Joseph Ruszek, Daniel Ercsei and Paul Sarvari; as a theologian and Hebraist John Somossy; as an historian and philologist Stephen Horvath, who endeavoured to trace the Magyar descent from the earliest historic times; as writers on jurisprudence Alexander Kovy and Paul Szlemenics.

The great Danish philologist and friend of Iceland, Rasmus Rask, and the poet Bjarni Thorarensen had done much to purify the language, but Jonas Hallgrimsson completed their work by his poems and tales, in a purer language than ever had been written in Iceland since the days of Snorri Sturlason.

In 1851 he established his fame as a philologist by The Study of Words, originally delivered as lectures to the pupils of the Diocesan Training School, Winchester.

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See The Life of William Barnes, Poet and Philologist (1887), by his daughter, Lucy E.

The taste for historical study was, moreover, early instilled into him by the eminent philologist Karl Wilhelm Gottling (1793-1869), who in 1816 became a master at the Rudolstadt gymnasium.

It is perhaps as much from the impulse which Ernesti gave to sacred and profane criticism in Germany, as from the intrinsic excellence of his own works in either department, that he must derive his reputation as a philologist or theologian.

In point of fact this problem had been partially solved in the early days of the zgth century, thanks to the sagacious guesses of the German philologist Grotefend.

As a Hebrew philologist he holds high rank; and as a constructive critic he is remarkable for acuteness a.nd sagacity.

As a philologist Baroti was far surpassed by Nicholas Revai, but as a poet he may be considered superior to Rajnis, translator of Virgil's Bucolics and Georgics, and author of the Magyar Helikonra vezeto kalauz (Guide to the Magyar Helicon, 1781).

FRANCIS ANDREW MARCH (1825-), American philologist and educationalist, was born on the 25th of October 1825 in Millbury, Massachusetts.