Sentence Examples with the word philological

Abulwalid's works mark the culminating point of Hebrew scholarship during the middle ages, and he attained a level which was not surpassed till the modern development of philological science in the 19th century.

The fundamental idea remains the same in the Zend Asha, its philological counterpart, but it is applied with a difference.

It will be admitted by philological students that the exegetical data supplied by (at any rate) Isa.

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Before passing to the new epoch it must suffice to make a simple reference to the philological work of Gesenius and Ewald, which assisted a sounder exegesis and so secured for later criticism a more stable basis.

That there are in the Eddas and Sagas early ideas and later ideas tinged by Christian legend seems indubitable, but philological and historical learning has by no means settled the questions of relative purity and antiquity tin the myths.

Here he developed special aptitude for linguistic and philological studies.

Prefixed to this are two sections dealing respectively with (A) the ethnographical and philological divisions of ancient Italy, and (B) the unification of the country under Augustus, the growth of the road system and so forth.

The philological lectures of Johann Friedrich Christ (1700-1756) and Johann August Ernesti (1707-1781) proved, however, more attractive than those on theology, and he attended the philosophical disputations presided over by his friend A.

The Andaman languages are extremely interesting from the philological standpoint.

His linguistic work indeed was always hampered by the lack of manuscript material, which is felt in his philological writings, e.g.