Sentence Examples with the word phenols

It yields coumarins when warmed with sulphuric acid and phenols (H.

Alcohols are obtained from the corresponding halogen compounds by the action of moist silver oxide, or by warming them with silver acetate and acetic acid; by the reduction of ketones with metallic sodium; by passing the vapours of monohydric phenols and hydrogen over finely divided nickel (P. Sabatier and J.

When digested with phenols and caustic soda it forms oxyaldehydes (K.

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The solution is then acidified, and the phenols are'liberated and form an oily layer on the surface of the acid.

The phenols more closely resemble the tertiary alcohols, since the hydroxyl group is linked to.

Tafel, Ber., 1886, 19, p. 1924), by distilling the amido-acids with lime, by heating phenols with zinc chloride ammonia (V.

These oxygen ethers contain the grouping - N: N -, since they couple very readily with the phenols in alkaline solution to form azo compounds (E.

This transformation of allyl phenols into propenyl phenols is very general (see Ber., 1889, 22, p. 2747; 1890, 23, p. 862).