Sentence Examples with the word peso

The monetary unit is the silver peso or dollar of too cents, which weighs 25 grammes, .900 fine.

Uncertainty in regard to the value of the peso led the compiler to omit the equivalents in U.S. gold, but according to foreign trade returns these totals represent gold values, which at 4s.

The coinage of Mexico, now concentrated at the mint in the capital (all others having been closed) is based (since November 28, 1867) on the decimal system - the peso being divided into 100 centavos - and consists of gold, silver, nickel and bronze coins, whose weight and fineness are determined by the monetary law of 1904.

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A half, fifth and tenth of a peso are coined in silver, in addition to bronze coins.

There is no Uruguayan gold coin in circulation, but the theoretical monetary unit is the gold peso national, weighing 1.697 grammes, .917 fine.

The conversion law of 1895 made the currency convertible at this rate, although the gold peso was rated at 48d.

Pensum, weight), of which peseta is a diminutive, was a Spanish coin of gold, peso de oro, or silver, peso de plata, once current in Spain and her colonies, and now the name of a silver coin of many South American states.

The silver peso weighs 25 grammes, .900 fine.