Sentence Examples with the word pertinent

After he returned my phone, he wrote down all our names and pertinent information.

Howie was frantic until I explained that knowing someone was offering peculiar but pertinent tips wasn't the same as finding the names of who was doing it.

His terse and pertinent letter to Origen, impugning the authority of the apocryphal book of Susanna, and Origen's wordy and uncritical answer, are both extant.

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Chamberlain (Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan, vol.x.), who, in a preface justly regarded by students of Japan as an exegetical classic, makes the pertinent comment: Taking the word AltaIc in its usual acceptation, viz, as the generic name of all the languages belonging to the Manchu, Mongolian, Turkish and Finnish groups, not only the archaic, but the .classical, literature of Japan carries us back several centuries beyond the earliest extant documents of any other Altaic tongue.

He thought about the redhead, but felt too ashamed to mention her, and reasoned it was not pertinent to the situation.

How pertinent it is to see the biggest stars reach such truly abject lows.

The Deans took turns relating the story, careful to include all the pertinent details.

As seven is the perfect number and as Balaam had ordered seven altars to be built, the Redactor thought it would be well to have seven M6shalim or metrical oracles; and so he added other three which are certainly not pertinent to the situation, as they allude not merely to the Assyrian empire but to the Macedonian, and even, as some maintain, to the Roman empire, cf.

The topics usually contained in a census suffered from the great addition of other and less pertinent matter, and the reputation of the work was unfavourably affected by the length of time required to prepare and publish the volumes (the last ones not appearing until near the end of the decade), the original underestimate of the cost of the work, which made frequent supplementary appropriations necessary, the resignation of the superintendent, Francis A.

I might gradually let you know some pertinent stuff but mostly you'll just get tips, as far as you're concerned, from an unidentified source.