Sentence Examples with the word personification

That personification is, as a rule, anthropomorphic, but traces of theriomorphic personification are still very apparent.

The art of all the area gives evidence of one spirit and common models; in religious representations it shows the same anthropomorphic personification and the same ritual furniture.

ATE, in Greek mythology, the personification of criminal folly, the daughter of Zeus and Eris (Strife).

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In later philosophy Hestia became the hearth of the universe - the personification of the earth as the centre of the universe, identified with Cybele and Demeter.

JUTURNA (older form Diuturna, the lasting), an old Latin divinity, a personification of the never-failing springs.

This fact is again attested by Nabonidus, whose record 5 mentions that the Istar worship of Agade was later superseded by that of the goddess Anunit, another personification of the Istar idea, whose shrine was at Sippar.

Gnomes, sylphs and nereids are introduced on almost every page, and personification is carried to an extraordinary excess.

Perhaps Erysichthon may be explained as the personification of the labourer, who by the systematic cultivation and tilling of the soil endeavours to force the crops, instead of allowing them to mature unmolested as in the good old times.

Hora, hour), the Hours, in Greek mythology Opal., originally the personification of a series of natural phenomena.

Its importance was revived by Augustus, who added to these Lares his own Genius, the religious personification of the empire.