Sentence Examples with the word personally

I know, but when it affects me personally ...

The new emperor F erdi- was personally amiable, but so enfeebled by epilepsy n and 1.

A brilliant scholar, a mediating theologian, and personally of lovable temperament, his influence was great and wisely exercised.

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If he were personally involved in the operation, something was very, very wrong.

The facts would seem incredible were they not vouched for by Theodoret, who knew him personally (Historia religiosa, c. 26).

The next three years he spent at Trier, which he chiefly made his headquarters, organizing the defence of the Rhine frontier, and personally superintending the construction of numerous forts.

After nine years spent at Laleham he was induced to offer himself as a candidate for the vacant head-mastership of Rugby; and though he entered somewhat late upon the contest, and though none of the electors was personally known to him, he was elected in December 1827.

The Admiralty was naturally anxious to secure the services of trustworthy flag officers, and having confidence in Hood promoted him rear-admiral out of the usual course on the 26th of September 1780, and sent him to the West Indies to act as second in command under Rodney, to whom he was personally known.

For the execution of the archbishop Henry was personally responsible, and he could never free himself from its odium.

Victor III., while abbot of Monte Cassino contributed personally to the literary activity of the monastery.