Sentence Examples with the word personal property

At last, just as the kingdom had become the personal property of the king, so the officialsdukes, counts, royal vicars, tribunes, centenariiwho had for the most part bought their unpaid offices by means of presents to the monarch, came to look upon the public service rather as a mine of official wealth than as an administrative organization for furthering the interests, material or moral, of the whole nation.

His Treatise on the Law of Sale of Personal Property with References to the American Decisions and to the French Code and Civil Law - a bulky volume known to practitioners as Benjamin on Sales - is the principal text-book on its subject, and a fitting monument of the author's career at the English bar, of his industry and learning.

In civil matters the tribunal takes cognizance of actions relating to personal property to the value of 60, and actions relating to land to the value of 60 fr.

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By his will he devoted his personal property to found a lectureship on foreign missions on the model of the Bampton Lectures.

The archbishop had formerly exclusive jurisdiction in all causes of wills and intestacies, where parties died having personal property in more than one diocese of the province of Canterbury, and he had concurrent jurisdiction in other cases.

When this line became extinct in 1784 the lordship reverted to Prussia, being claimed both by the king as personal property and by the state.

If a husband dies leaving descendants only by a former marriage, the widow may take in lieu of dower the personal property that came to him by means of marriage, or if there be children by both marriages she may take in lieu of her dower right to his real estate an absolute right therein equivalent to the share of a child.

It was said in 1859 that the church owned one-third of the real and personal property of the republic. The reform laws of that year nationalized its property, abolished its numerous orders and institutions and deprived it of state support and of all participation in political affairs.