Sentence Examples with the word personal

This was my first great sorrow--my first personal experience with death.

The enemies of the theory insist that, while it safeguards the unity of Christ's personal experience at any one point, it breaks up by absolute gulfs the continuity of experience and destroys the identity of the person.

The uniting of the personal and the land sides of feudalism came long after the conquest, and in a different way.

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Either husband or wife may hold, manage and dispose of his or her separate property independent of the other, but property which they hold in common is under the management and control of the husband except that he cannot devise by will more than one-half of the community real or personal property, or convey, mortgage or encumber any of the community real estate unless his wife joins him.

McKinley's conduct and utterances in his last days revealed a loftiness of personal character that everywhere elicited admiration and praise.

I ask for your attention one last time, as a personal favor to me.

Their professional then personal relationships had centered around her and her illness.

A personal insult to Cassius Chaerea, tribune of a praetorian cohort, led to Caligula's assassination on the 24th of January 41.

In 409 or 410 Synesius, whose Christianity had until then been by no means very pronounced, was popularly chosen to be bishop of Ptolemais, and, after long hesitation on personal and doctrinal grounds, he ultimately accepted the office thus thrust upon him, being consecrated by Theophilus at Alexandria.

I myself, not being built to eat, have no personal experience in such matters.