Sentence Examples with the word perse

Flandin and P. Coste, Voyage en Perse (1843-1847); F.

Among his works on the subject of Assyriology are: Recueil d'alphabets des ecritures cuneiformes (1860); Expose des elements de la grammaire assyrienne (1868); Le Syllabaire assyrien (2 vols., 1869-1873); Les Langues perdues de la Perse et del' Assyrie (2 vols., 1885-1886); Les Pierres gravees de la Haute-Asie (2 vols., 1883-1886).

In September, when renewed negotiations for a loan from London were not appearing to progress favorably, and the long-thoughtof visit to Europe was considered to be absolutely necessary in the following year, the shah issued a firman authorizing the Russian Banque des Prts de Perse to float a loan.

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De Morgan, Memoires de la Delegation en Perse (9 vols., 1899-1906).

Jeremy Taylor was a pupil of Thomas Lovering, at the newly founded Perse grammar school.

A dry and warm wind comes down from the snowy Elburz to Gilan in December and January, and much resembles the fhn of the Alps (Dr Tholozan, Sur les vents du Nord de la Perse et sur le foehn du Guilan, Corn pies rendus, Acad.

He was elected a Perse scholar in 1628, and fellow of his college in 1633, but the best evidence of his diligence as a student is the enormous learning of which he showed so easy a command in after years.

Of the Textes Elamites-Semitiques of the Memoires de la delegation en Perse (Paris, 1902); H.

The most important works on the monuments are: Flandin et Coste, Voyage en Perse (6 vols., 1840 sqq.); Texier, LArmnie, La Perse, ella Mesopotamie (2 vols., 1842); Stolze, Persepolis (2 vols., 1882); Sarre, Iranische Felsreliefs (1908).

C. Barbier de Meynards Poisze en Perse (Paris, 1877).