Sentence Examples with the word perimeter

Taking the circumference as intermediate between the perimeters of the inscribed and the circumscribed regular n-gons, he showed that, the radius of the circle being given and the perimeter of some particular circumscribed regular polygon obtainable, the perimeter of the circumscribed regular polygon of double the number of sides could be calculated; that the like was true of the inscribed polygons; and that consequently a means was thus afforded of approximating to the circumference of the circle.

Concrete floors were cool beneath her bare feet, and the perimeter was lit by dim lighting.

All he knew now was his bare feet were cold, standing on the hard wood floor at the perimeter of the carpet in the death room.

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Black-clad guards roamed the internal perimeter while others manned the walls of the compound.

Guards hung back in a loose perimeter around him, but they had thus far not challenged him.

I was awoken by the gunshot and both of us drove the roads around the perimeter of the property but neither heard nor saw his vehicle.

The gate guards were doubled, armed and wearing tactical gear, the perimeter lit by intense floodlights.

The perimeter can only be expressed as a series, the analytical evaluation leading to an integral termed elliptic (see Function, ii.

To N., and the northernmost part of this line is immensely strengthened by numerous advanced works between the villages of Dogneville and Longchamp. On the left bank, a larger area of ground is included in the perimeter of defence for the purposes of encampment, the most westerly of the forts, Girancourt, being 7 m.

In the past forty-eight hours, there had been fifty perimeter breaches, all from the west wall.