Sentence Examples with the word percentage

Food in the United States is so inexpensive as a percentage of national income that it literally is a throwaway item.

Occupations.-The pre-war growth of industries, especially in Riga and Libau, tended to reduce the percentage of the agricultural population, but agriculture is still the chief occupation, and the redivision of the rural population was the outstanding feature after 1918.

It is a species of cannel coal, somewhat similar to the Boghead mineral of Scotland, but yielding a much larger percentage of volatile hydro-carbon than the Scottish mineral.

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In such a curve the percentage composition can be plotted horizontally and the temperature of the freezing-point vertically, as in fig.

The slag, which must contain a high percentage of lime, is granulated by being run while fused into abundance of water.

This means that portion which neutralizes the acid employed for testing, and the degrees mean the percentage of Na 2 O thus found, whether it be present as Na 2 CO 3, NaOH, or sodium aluminate or silicate.

The nickel ore of Sweden is magnetic pyrites, containing only a very small percentage of nickel, and generally occurs in diorite and greenstones.

A large percentage of moisture found in any sample would indicate improper condition.

The average of settlement per square mile varied from 169.7 in Havana province to 11.8 in Camaguey, and was 46.4 for all of Cuba; the percentage of urban population (in cities, that is, with more than 1000 inhabitants) in the different provinces.

But it is not permissible to call brass a chemical compound, for we can largely alter its percentage composition without the substance losing the properties characteristic of brass; the properties change more or less continuously, the colour, for example, becoming redder with decrease in the percentage of zinc, and a paler yellow when there is more zinc. The possibility of continuously varying the percentage composition suggests analogy between an alloy and a solution, and A.