Sentence Examples with the word per capita

The following table gives the total and the per capita cost of each enumeration.

The per capita consumption of iron in Great Britain, excluding exports, has been calculated as 144 lb in 1855 and 250 lb in 1890, that of the United States as 117 lb for 1855, 300 lb for 1890 and some 378 lb for 1899, and that of the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany for 1906 as about a quarter of a ton, so that the British per capita consumption is about four-fold and the American about five-fold that of 1855.

The expenditures of the government increased steadily per capita up to the opening of the Civil War.

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As per capita income rises in the United States, the tax rate does as well, not only the gross tax receipts.

In expenditure for the public schools per capita of total population from 1890 to 1903 Colorado was one of a small group of leading states.

The higher the average income of the people (as expressed through per capita GNP), the higher the tax rate.

Among the other causes of the increase of the per capita consumption of iron are the displacement of wood by iron for ships and bridge-building; the great extension of the use of iron beams, columns and other pieces in constructing buildings of various kinds; the growth of steam and electric railways; and the introduction of iron fencing.

The debt per capita is as high as the cost of current administration relatively to other cities.

This great increase in the per capita consumption of iron by the human race is of course but part of the general advance in wealth and civilization.

Like Brazil, Chile has been careful to preserve her foreign credit, and though an average indebtedness of about Do per capita may seem large for a nation with so much absolute poverty among its people, the government is finding no difficulty in negotiating new loans, the mineral resources of the country and the conservative instincts of the people being considered satisfactory guarantees.