Sentence Examples with the word pepin

Above the site of Red Wing, for the purpose, according to Charlevoix, of interposing a barrier between the warring Dakotas and Chippewas; and in 1727 Rene Boucher built on the shore of Lake Pepin a fort which, after various vicissitudes, was abandoned in 1753.

Sovereign princes - an Oliver, a Clovis and a Pepin - start out in every page, till the writer finds it necessary to apologize for the number of his kings and his own blunders.

He had as pupils the king of the Franks, the members of his family and the young clerics attached to the palace chapel; he was the life and soul of the Academy of the palace, and we have still, in the Dialogue of Pepin (son of Charlemagne) and Alcuin, a sample of the intellectual exercises in which they indulged.

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In the following year the Franciscan friar Father Louis Hennepin, acting as an agent of the Sieur de la 'Salle, discovered and named the Falls of St Anthony; and in 1686 Nicholas Perrot, the commandant of the west, built Fort St Antoine on the east bank of Lake Pepin, in what is now Pepin county, Wisconsin, and in 1688 formally took possession of the region in the name of the French king.