Sentence Examples with the word peopled

Von Hauslab, director of the Austrian Surveys, in 1842, advised that the darkest tints should be allotted to the highlands, so that they might not obscure details in the densely peopled plains.

The town and district form a small ethnographical island, having been peopled in the 18th century by a colony of Takruri from Darfur, who, finding the spot a convenient resting-place for their fellow-pilgrims on their way to Mecca and back, obtained permission from the negus of Abyssinia to make a permanent settlement.

Ac paioipwv vi)oot: Lat., Fortunatae Insulae), in Greek mythology a group of islands near the edge of the Western Ocean, peopled not by the dead, but by mortals upon whom the gods had conferred immortality.

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The maps of the more densely peopled parts of the Union are published on a scale of 1: 62,500, and those of the remainder of the country on half or a quarter of that scale.

The population of India is very large, some of its districts being among the most densely peopled in the world.

She was gone; and in that vast labyrinth of streets, peopled by eight hundred thousand human beings, he was alone.

In a sky world, peopled by corporeal beings, as well as by spirits of the dead; the latter may even be entirely absent; the mythology of the Australians relates largely to corporeal, non-spiritual beings; stories of transformation, deluge and doom myths, or myths of the origin of death, have not necessarily any animistic basis.

A few of the inhabitants of the latter territory migrated to Belle-Ile, which is partly peopled by their descendants.

In the folklore of European countries goblindom is peopled by gods and nature-spirits of an earlier heathendom.

Five miles inland west of Castiglione is Kolea (2932), a town dating from 1550 and originally peopled by Moslem refugees from Spain.