Sentence Examples with the word pensionary

After this important conquest, Eugene and Marlborough proceeded to the Hague, where they were received in the most flattering manner by the public, by the states-general, and above all, by their esteemed friend the pensionary Heinsius.

He had to contend, like his predecessors, with the perennial hostility of the burgher aristocracy of Amsterdam, and at times with other refractory town councils, but his power in the States during his life was almost autocratic. His task was rendered lighter by the influence and ability of Heinsius, the grand pensionary of Holland, a wise and prudent statesman, whose tact and modera tion in dealing with the details and difficulties of internal administration were conspicuous.

Grotius, when he was only thirty, was made pensionary of the city of Rotterdam.

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In 1650 he was appointed pensionary of Dort, an office which made him the leader and spokesman of the town's deputation in the state of Holland.

Two devoted adherents of William of Orange, Paul Buys, advocate of Holland, and Johan van Oldenbarneveldt, pensionary of Rotterdam, were the statesmen who at this difficult juncture took the foremost part in directing the policy of the confederacy.

At this time of constitutional crisis such were the eloquence, sagacity and business talents exhibited by the youthful pensionary of Dort that onthe 23rd of July 1653 he was appointed to the office of grand pensionary (Raadpensionaris) of Holland at the age of twenty-eight.

At the dissolution of the pensionary parliament, he was, in the new elections, returned for Bedfordshire.

The opposition collapsed; the recalcitrant provincial states were purged; and the leaders of the party of state rights - the advocate himself, Hugo de Groot (see GROTIUs), pensionary of Rotterdam, and Hoogerbeets, pensionary of Leiden, were arrested and thrown into prison.

This important frontier town lying on both sides of the river Meuse was taken by the prince of Orange in the teeth of two relieving armies, Spanish headed by the pensionary Pauw, but with the aid of the diplomatic skill of Aarssens all opposition was overcome.

At fifteen Grotius accompanied Count Justin of Nassau, and the grand pensionary J.