Sentence Examples with the word pensacola

The eight in 1905 were Jacksonville (35,301), Tampa (22,823), Pensacola (21,505), Key West (20,498), Live Oak (7200), Lake City (6409), Gainesville (J413), and St Augustine (5121).

The important coast towns were readily captured by Union forces; Fernandina, Pensacola and St Augustine in 1862, and Jacksonville in 1863; but an invasion of the interior in 1864 failed, the Union forces being repulsed in a battle at Olustee (on the 20th of February 1864).

The development of marine commerce has been retarded by unimproved harbours, but Fernandina and Pensacola harbours have always been good.

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Portion of the state is, topographically, similar to south-eastern Alabama, being a rolling, hilly country; the eastern section is a part of the Atlantic coastal plain; the western coast line is less regular than the eastern, being indented by a number of bays and harbours, the largest of which are Charlotte Harbour, Tampa Bay and Pensacola Bay.

In the summer of 1559 another attempt at colonization was made by Tristan de Luna, who sailed from Vera Cruz, landed at Pensacola Bay, and explored a part of Florida and (possibly) Southern Alabama.

In September, his ships being lost and his force greatly reduced in number, he hastily constructed a crazy fleet, reembarked probably at Apalachee Bay, and lost his life in a storm probably near Pensacola Bay.

The four in 1900 were: Jacksonville (28,429); Pensacola (1 7,747); Key West (17,114); and Tampa (15,839).