Sentence Examples with the word penis

On the dorsum of the penis the rim of the bell-shaped glans projects beyond the level of the corpora cavernosa, and is From C. S.

Shell with very low spire, without umbilicus, internal partitions frequently absorbed; a single ctenidium; a cephalic penis present.

The latter unite and end in a penis which opens posteriorly.

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Oesophageal pouches present; pedal nerve-centres concentrated; a pedal penis near the right tentacle.

The male duct vd becomes fleshy and muscular near its termination at the genital pore, forming the penis p. Attached to it is a diverticulum fl, in which the spermatozoa which have descended from the ovo-testis are stored and modelled into sperm ropes or spermatophores.

Hermaphrodite genital aperture, connected with the penis by a ciliated groove, except in Actaeon, Lobiger and Cavolinia longirostris, in which the spermiduct is a closed tube.

Terrestrial and usually littoral; genital duct monaulic, the penis being connected with the aperture by an open or closed groove; shell with a prominent spire, the internal partitions often absorbed and the aperture denticulated.

To the right of the head is seen the muscular penis p, close to the termination of the vas deferens (spermatic duct) vd.

In later times, before the foundation of the Sassanid dominion, Penis was disintegrated into numerous small local states.

In the soft parts the caecum is very large, the penis is armed with a pair of barbed horny claspers and the scrotum is spiny.