Sentence Examples with the word pelvis

It lies in the side wall of the pelvis with its long axis nearly vertical and having its blunt end (tubal pole) upward.

The ischiadic portion consists generally of five or six nerves, which leave the pelvis as one thick system through the ilio-ischiadic foramen.

The pelvis has large ischia and pubes, with a long and usually bony symphysis.

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To it contributes the balance of the skull on the cervical vertebrae, while the human form of the pelvis provides the necessary support to the intestines in the standing attitude.

It affects the great sciatic nerve which emerges from the pelvis and runs down the leg to the foot.

Maxillary vertical, loosely attached, toothed; mandible toothless; a single pair of pelvis bones: Typhlopidae.

Vestiges of the pelvis and hind-limbs are small, but they terminate in claw-like spurs which protrude FIG.

The pelvis and hind-limbs are much more powerful than the fore-quarters; thereby enabling these animals, in all ' probability, to rear themselves on their hind-quarters, and thus pull down the branches of trees: if not, indeed, in some cases to bodily uproot the trees themselves.

Iv.), and the pelvis and another femur (vii.

In such bipedal creatures the legs and pelvis became transformed to a condition similar to that of Dinosaurian reptiles.