Sentence Examples with the word pelt

One of the audience, with a contemptuous remark, took a handful of pebbles to pelt him with.

The wool is, however, poor compared to the otter and beaver, and the pelt thin and in no way comparable to them in strength.

He wiped the bloodied knife on its pelt and straightened, meeting her gaze.

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Generally the skins are placed in an alkali bath, then by hand with a blunt wooden instrument the moisture of the pelt is worked out and it is drawn carefully to and fro over a straight, dull-edged knife to remove any superfluous flesh and unevenness.

The walrus, hunted for its ivory tusks, and the sea otter, rarest and most valuable of Alaskan fur animals, are near extermination; the blue fox is now bred for its pelt on the Aleutians and the southern continental coast; the skins of the black and silver fox are extremely rare, and in general the whole fur industry is discouragingly decadent.

After being purchased at the auction sales they are washed, then stretched upon a hoop, when all blubber and unnecessary flesh is removed, and the pelt is reduced to an equal thickness, but not so thin as it is finally rendered.

In the case of seal and beaver skins the process is a much more difficult one, as the water or hard top hairs have to be removed by hand after the pelt has been carefully rendered moist and warm.

The results of applying tannic acid are to harden the pelt and discolour and weaken the fur.

The pelt after the German dressing is dry, soft and white, which is due to a finishing process where meal is used, thus they compare favourably with the moister and consequently heavier English finish.

Regarded as useful for felt it is denominated staple fur, while with respect to its use with and on the pelt it is called fancy fur.