Sentence Examples with the word pelham

HENRY FRANCIS PELHAM (1846-1907), English scholar and historian, was born at Berg Apton, Norfolk, on the 19th of September 1846, son of the Hon.

The Pelham Hills, including Mt Lincoln (1246 ft.).

Being strongly in favour of peace, Pelham carried on the war with languor and indifferent success, but the country, wearied of the interminable struggle, was disposed to acquiesce in his foreign policy almost without a murmur.

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His Memoirs of Sir Robert Walpole (London, 1798), Memoirs of Horatio, Lord Walpole (London, 1802), Memoirs of John, duke of Marlborough (London, 1818-1819), Private and Original Correspondence of Charles Talbot, duke of Shrewsbury (London, 1821), Memoirs of the Administrations of Henry Pelham (London, 182 9), are very valuable for the history of the 18th century.

He was a younger son of Thomas, 1st Baron Pelham of Laughton (1650-1712; cr.

Of Pelham Manor, is Travers Island, with the out-of-town clubhouse and grounds of the New York Athletic Club.

The greater part of the land in this section was comprised in vast estates such as Rensselaerwyck, Livingston, Scarsdale, Phillipse, Pelham and Van Cortlandt manors, and on these the leasehold system with perpetual leases, leases for 99 years or leases for one to three lives had become general.