Sentence Examples with the word pelagic

The investigation of the microscopic pelagic life of the sea has also developed to a great extent.

Some, like many Cephalopods and the Pteropods, are pelagic or free-swimming; others creep or lie on the sea bottom.

In the common and widely-distributed Cheilostome, Membrani- porn pilosa, the pelagic larva is known as Cyphonautes, and it has a structure not unlike that of the larval Pedicellina.

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In these cases the larva, called Tornaria, is pelagic and transparent, and possesses a complicated ciliated seam, the longitudinal ciliated band, often drawn out into convoluted bays and lappets.

They are true Pectinibranchia which have taken to a pelagic life, and the peculiarities of structure which they exhibit are strictly adaptations consequent upon their changed mode of life.

Certain that there is no int., pelagic larval form.

On the pelagic mollusc Phyllirrhoe, attached to it by the subumbral surface, and its tentacles have become rudimentary or absent.

In the shallower tropical waters, especially on the central ridge, considerable areas are covered by Pteropod ooze, a deposit consisting largely of the shells of pelagic molluscs.

A, Notholca longispina, lorica only; b, Anuraea aculeata, like the former, a floating pelagic type (plankton proper); c, Synchaeta stylata; corona with accessory antennae and sensory styles; auricles for swimming - an actively swimming pelagic type (nekton); d, Pterodina patina, with bdelloid corona and retractile foot with terminal ciliated cup; e, Distyla gissensis partly extended; f, Rattulus tigris.

A medusa with a remarkable habit of life is Mnestra parasites, which is parasitic on the pelagic mollusc Phyllirrhoe, attaching itself to the host by its subumbral surface; its tentacles, no longer required for obtaining food, have become rudimentary.