Sentence Examples with the word peeled

He pulled out a small stack of clothing from the backpack and peeled off his shirt, displaying the lean, muscular body beneath.

Brady peeled off the top of his suit, drenched in sweat and splattered with blood.

Rhytidome is, however, a preferable term, as the word bark has long been established in popular usage to mean all the tissue that can easily be peeled offi.e.

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Brady peeled his face mask off and lowered the muzzle of his weapon, unnerved by the unrealistic utopia after the three-day battle up the side of the mountain.

She'd forgotten his presence, but he peeled off one glove to display a scarred forearm and hand.

Dusty strode into the gym and peeled off his shirt.

Even his customary perusal of the newspaper garage sale listings were peppered with comments about keeping his eyes peeled for baby clothes.

The peeled white body of the beheaded whale flashes like a marble sepulchre; though changed in hue, it has not perceptibly lost anything in bulk.

Elise peeled off her shirt to reveal a snug undershirt that outlined the shape of her muscular upper body.

He peeled off a glove to display a hand as scarred as his face.