Sentence Examples with the word peek

A peek into the former vamp's mind revealed that two of Damian's sisters-in-law had managed to turn a full vamp back into a disgruntled Natural.

I drove over to Greenbriar Road 'cause I figured I'd take a peek before I informed the Washington crowd of suits I had access to the place.

Deidre washed her face and redid her makeup before venturing to peek into the bathtub again.

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The ladies were crawling all over the ice park for a peek at him.

He resisted the instinct that told him he needed to peek into her thoughts.

Cautiously she moved forward, allowing herself a peek at this amalgam of evil, this seducer of virgins, who had so ravaged her body.

It seemed to Dean it was the young man's way of telling his mother that he was comfortable with her allowing Dean to peek into the corners of their life.

I have a friend I'd like to have peek at the break in, that's all.

She assumed it was morning in her grogginess until a squinted peek at their clock showed two AM.

She pulled up a chair, her movement giving him a peek of the swells of her breasts as she bent.