Sentence Examples with the word pedophile

Merrill Cooms went on to tell of the capture of the guilty Michigan pedophile who had earlier beaten the wrap.

The pedophile was apprehended after I strongly convinced a country sheriff I knew what I was talking about and not giving false testimony.

It seemed the only news was bad news lately but then we cracked a pedophile ring in a Detroit suburb prompting seven arrests and ascended back up to cloud nine.

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They caught her killer; a pedophile named Randolph Massey.

A further problem occurred when a Michigan case against a pedophile was tossed out of court.

Our successes consisted of the location of a lost girl, two more runaways, and the identification of a pedophile who attempted to abduct a young boy.

The pedophile fled the state as soon as he was released.

Brennan spoke of a Missouri case where a pedophile Howie had watched kill an eleven year old boy seemed to have a perfect alibi.

A defense attorney in a pedophile case we'd fingered demanded the tip line center release the tape of our call.