Sentence Examples with the word pedal

The most important of these opens by the ventral pedal pore, situated in the median line in the anterior half of the foot.

That it is the first positive pedal of a rectangular hyperbola with regard to the centre.

A pair of pedal otocysts, and a pair of osphradia at the base of the gills, appear to be always present.

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Pallial cavity transformed into a lung; pedal centres concentrated; a deep pedal groove.

The sense-organs of Anodonta other than the osphradia consist of a pair of otocysts attached to the pedal ganglia (fig.

The pedal cords are connected by commissures, and the pedal and pleural of each side are similarly connected.

P, Pedal ganglion with otocyst attached.

V, Pleural and pedal ganglion c, Eye.

A ladder-like arrangement of the two pedal nerves and their lateral branches has been detected.

D, E, F, Trochosphere stage, D fp, Pore in the foot (belonging mf, The mantle-flap or limbus to the pedal gland?).