Sentence Examples with the word pecopteris

Bipinnate sterile fronds of Todites have in some instances been described under the designation Pecopteris whitbiensis.

In 1905 Grand' Eury discovered the seeds of Pecopteris Pluckeneti, an Upper Coal Measure species, attached, in immense numbers, to the fronds, which are but little modified as compared with the ordinary vegetative foliage.

The majority of the specimens included in the genus Cladophlebis, the Mesozoic representative of the Palaeozoic Pecopteris type of frond, are known only in a sterile condition, and cannot be assigned to their family position.

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There is reason to believe that other species of Pecopteris and similar genera, (Callipteris and Mariopteris) bore seeds, though the artificial group Pecopterideae probably also includes the fronds of true Marattiaceous Ferns.

The genus Asterotheca includes a number of Ferns, chiefly of Coal Measure age, with fronds of the Pecopteris type.