Sentence Examples with the word peary

In 1897 Peary brought the largest nodule to New York; it was estimated to weigh nearly loo tons.

This expedition confirmed by cartographical evidence the non-existence of Peary Channel, a fact established by M.

In 1895 Peary found native iron at Cape York; since John Ross's voyage in 1818 it has been known to exist there, and from it the Eskimo got iron for their weapons.

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The coast-line of Melville Bay (the northern part of the west coast) is to some degree an exception, though the fjords may here be somewhat filled with glaciers, and, for another example, it may be noted that Peary observed a marked contrast on the north coast.

This expedition was sent in 1913 by the American Geographical Society and other bodies in the United States to search for Crocker Land, which had been reported by Peary in 1906 as lying to the W.

A third Thule expedition started in 1920 under the leadership of Lauge Koch, who proposed to explore the interior of Peary Land and to fill in certain gaps in the chart of the N.W.