Sentence Examples with the word peak

Argaeus (Erjish Dagh, 13,100 ft.) above Kaisarieh itself, the highest peak in Asia Minor; Ali Dagh (6200 ft.); Hassan Dagh (8000 ft.); Karaja Dagh; and Kara Dagh (7500 ft.).

Thence for a short way the direction is north to the Col de la Seigne, and then north-east along the crest of the Mont Blanc chain, which culminates in the peak of Mont Blanc (15,782 ft.), the loftiest in the Alps.

While Mount Monadnock is less than thirty-two hundred feet, it stands alone as the highest peak for miles round, and due to early burning and erosion, is bare of trees for its top third.

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The highest mountains are found in the north, the bold peak of Kebnekaise reaching 7005 ft., Sarjektjacko, 6972 ft., being the loftiest point of a magnificent group including the Sarjeksfjall, Alkasfjall and Partefjall, which range from 6500 ft.

A similar work on Lancashire, Cheshire and the Peak was sent out in 1700 by Leigh, and one on Cornwall by Borlase in 1758 - all these four being printed at Oxford.

It lies between Siam and the Bay of Bengal, enclosed by mountains on three sides, viz., the main chain of the Bilauktaung on the east, rising in places to 5000 feet, which, with its densely wooded spurs, forms an almost impassable barrier, between British and Siamese territory; the Nwahlabo in the centre, which takes its name from its loftiest peak (5000 ft.); and a third.

I keep records on each goat and how many pounds of milk she gives daily, when she reached peak production and how long she lactated.

Various peaks are readily accessible from Denver: Long's Peak (14,271 ft.), Gray's Peak (14341 ft.), Torrey Peak (14,336ft.), Mt.

In the latitude of Brisbane the chain swerves inland; no other peak north of this reaches higher than Mount Bartle Frere in the Bellenden Ker Range (5438 ft.).

The snowclad Andi ridge, belonging to the system of transverse upheavals which cross the Caucasus, branches off the latter at Borbalo Peak (10,175 ft.), and reaches its highest altitudes in Tebulosmta (14,775 ft.) and Diklos-mta (13,740 ft.).