Sentence Examples with the word payment

Under this act the appropriation of these surplus funds to certain trust purposes in the Federal treasury is held to be equivalent to payment to the states.

The payment for tuition varies from fourpence or fivepence to tenpence a month for each child.

The payment for public service which Pericles had introduced may have contributed to raise the general level of culture of the citizens, but it created a dangerous precedent and incurred the censure of notable Greek thinkers.

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His chief enactments relate to the payment of citizens for State service.

The establishment of such a standard does not necessarily imply that full payment was exacted; in Gen.

The suspension of cash payment by the Austro-Hungarian Bank was continued, but the bank was bound to provide, by every means at its disposal, that the value of its notes as quoted on foreign bourses should be permanently secured in proportion to the parity of the legal mint standard of the krone currency.

The terms were, among other things, his appointment to the rich abbacy of St Denis and his restoration to his other benefices with the payment of arrears.

Such an imprisonment does not operate as a satisfaction or extinguishment of the debt, and no second order of commitment can be made against him for the same debt, although where the court has made an order or judgment for the payment of the debt by instalments a power of committal arises on default of payment of each instalment.

It was at a council held in the town in 1153 that the payment of Peter's pence was agreed to at the instigation of Nicholas Breakspeare, afterwards Adrian IV.

Best of all, she could save a substantial amount of money for a down payment on her own place.