Sentence Examples with the word patrol

Burr established a thorough patrol system, rigorously enforced martial law, and quickly restored order.

Two blocks away, the patrol car struck a van backing out from its diagonal parking space in front of the toy store.

To the end of the First Civil War, Batten continued to patrol the English seas, and his action in 1647 in bringing into Portsmouth a number of Swedish ships of war and merchantmen, which had refused the customary salute to the flag, was approved by parliament.

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They proved unnecessary as a patrol car caught up with me and escorted me the last mile.

My high speed was spotted by a patrol car coming in the opposite direction.

Moreover, river fleets, built by Genoese masters and manned by Servians, were constructed to patrol and defend the great rivers of Hungary, especially on the Turkish frontier.

Of these Iliuliuk (also called Unalaska), the oldest, settled in 17601 775, has a custom house, a Russian-Greek Church, and a Methodist Mission and orphanage, and is the headquarters for a considerable fleet of United States revenue cutters which patrol the sealing grounds of the Pribilofs; adjacent is Dutch Harbor (so named, it is said, because a Dutch vessel was the first to enter it), which is an important port for Bering Sea commerce.

Quint nodded and turned to the patrol car.

Lathum walked beside him to their patrol car and picked up a tablet.

The balance of the day was spent moving Fred back to his own now-vacant room and later with Cynthia joining Dean in a patrol of the surrounding area looking for Pumpkin Green.