Sentence Examples with the word pathan

The Durand agreement of 1893 led to the partition of the Pathan tribes on the southern and eastern frontiers.

Taking the Rind Baluch as the type opposed to the Afridi Pathan, the lialuch is easier to deal with and to control than the Pathan, owing to his tribal organization and his freedom from bigoted Pathan tribes of the Suliman hills are held in check by the occupation of the Zhob valley; whilst the central dominant position at Quetta safeguards the peace and security of Kalat, and of the wildest of the Baluch hills occupied by the Marris and Bugtis, no less than it bars the way to an advance upon India by way of Kandahar.

The principal tribes inhabiting the district are: (1) Waziri Pathans, recent immigrants from the hills, for the most part peaceable and good cultivators; (2) Marwats, a Pathan race, inhabiting the lower and more sandy portions of the Bannu valley; (3) Bannuchis, a mongrel Afghan tribe of bad physique and mean vices.

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MUSA KHEL, a Pathan tribe on the Dera Ghazi Khan border of the Punjab province of India.

The Mahommedans of India may be divided into two classes, pure Mahommedans from the Mogul and Pathan conquering races, and Mahommedan converts, who differ very little from the surrounding Hindu population from which they originally sprang.

In 1879 the Musa Khels and other Pathan tribes to the number of 5000 made a demonstration against Vihowa, but the town was reinforced and they dispersed.

The greater part of the Pathan country was placed under British political control by the Durand agreement made with the Amir of Afghanistan in 1893.

The first was that he had arbitrarily imprisoned a Pathan chief named Khadar Khan, on suspicion of being concerned in the murder of Colonel Mackeson.

The average breadth of this northern Pathan district is 150 m., but it narrows to less than I oo m.

Within the district, which is the borderland of Pathan and Baluch tribes, the Pathan element predominating.