Sentence Examples with the word pasty

This is at first colourless carbon dioxide, but later on inflammable gases come out of the mass, which at this stage has turned into a thicker, pasty condition, showing that the end of the reaction is near.

Len's face was pasty white and for a moment she thought he was going to throw up.

The amalgam is dipped out from the bowl into a canvas bag (the strainer), to separate the excess of the quicksilver from the pasty amalgam, which is then retorted and melted.

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When this amount of pressure is necessary, especially in the case of loamy composts, the soil itself should be rather inclined to dryness, and should in no case be sufficiently moist to knead together into a pasty mass.

This proves that the regular descent of the material in its pasty state can take place even in a space which is narrowing downwards.

Ust and ash, gave rise to torrents of pasty mud, that flowed p own the slopes and overwhelmed houses and villages.

The seeds when placed in water for some time become coated with glutinous matter from the exudation of the mucilage in the external layer of the epidermis; and by boiling in sixteen parts of water they exude sufficient mucilage to form with the water a thick pasty decoction.